Here are the steps to follow in case key transfer is needed.

Donor – PC with key that you need to borrow;

Acceptor – PC where the borrowed key is accepted.

RUS utility is in the attachment

1) At Acceptor run the RUS utility. Generate ID file with information about system at "Transfer License" pane. Slect the path to save file. Press the "Collect and Save Information" button.

2) At Donor run the RUS utility. Generate H2H file in "Transfer License" pane. Select the path to ID file and path to H2H file with key.Select key from the list of the keys with active Rehost option and press the "Generate License Transfer File".

 3) Transfer the generated H2H file to Acceptor and accept it with RUS utility: in second pane of utility, "Apply License File", or in Sentinel Admin Control Center – webpage:http://localhost:1947/_int_/checkin.html