Offline Activation is required when standard procedure is impossible due to errors or internet connection problems (another PC with a working internet connection is needed).

Open the link :

Use the product key to log in:

Select the Offline Activation button

Download activation utility(RUS) from attachement and run it.

Activation utility should be launched on the PC where Sputnik GIS is installed. In case the PC is not connected to the internet, use another PC with a proper internet connection to transfer the C2V and V2C files between activation utility and the license server.

Launch the activation utility. Select «Installation of new protection key» in the «Collect Status Information» tab, then press «Collect Information» button and select a path to save the C2V file:

Send the C2V file to the activation server using the browser, then press «Generate»

Download V2C file.

Return to the activation utility. Select the V2C file in the «Update File» field of the «Apply License File» tab, then press «Apply Update». 

Launch Sputnik GIS and check whether activation is successfull.