Sputnik GIS supports two types of 3D models:

  1. Tiled models in * .tls format
  2. Regular 3D models in the *.3ds and * .dae formats

Tiled model provide high performance at any size of the model. In addition,tile models contains information about the coordinate system and the geometric characteristics of the objects.

3D models in * .kmz format - * .kmz format is an archive containing a model in the * .dae and KML file containing information about the geographic and geometric characteristics of the model. If you later need to use the model outside the GIS Sputnik - change the extension - *.kmz to * .zip and unpack it.

3D models in the * .3ds and * .dae formats when opened in the GIS Sputnik is set to the point indicated by the crosshair. When you open *.3ds or *.dae model in Sputnik GIS it sets to the point indicated by crosshair. Sputnik create KML file with parameters of model - position, orientation, scales. You can edit parameters to get optimal result. This approach is used when it is necessary to embed "third-party" models, for example, embedding the model of a projected building in the current landscape.