Welcome to Geoscan support portal!

It is a Geoscan support platform created for Sputnik GIS users.

Here you can:

  • Check out Knowledge base for sollution of your question/problem
  • Create support ticket so we can help you or if you have a great idea of how to make our software even better - make a feature request
  • Tracking your tickets

Knowledge Base

Use this link to reach our Knowledge base: https://geoscan.freshdesk.com/support/solutions

Or you can just click on "Solutions" button on the main page.

Creating support tickets and making feature request


To creat new support ticket simple click on  button.

Than you need to fill in the form:

Than you should click "Submit" button, our support team will get your request and contact you.

Tracking your tickets

After support team will get your request you'll get an email with secret link of your ticket. Open the link and you'll get to the page of your ticket where you can  see it's status, attached files and add notes.